Under CDEEP NPTEL is designing and producing curriculum based Video & Web courses to enhance the quality of Engineering Education.
Following activities have been initiated under NPTEL
  • Generation of resources by subject experts
  • Development of Lecture series and making them available for transmission on the NPTEL National server
  • Generation of web based course materials with tutorial and assignment for offline use
NPTEL IIT Bombay is having two core team the Video troop and the Web Unit
The video studio is involved in the production of thematic video courses, educational video programs ,video lectures and live video conferencing.
The video studio is equipped with state of art production and post production facilities. The environment is conducive  for creating top quality educational video programs, with a support of a team both creatively and technically skilled. The video team is responsible for the production setup which includes a multi-camera setup, integration of various technologies for optimal lecture delivery. Designing special background for each course.

The web team creates web based interactive courses which may be accessed  by the Engineering and Science  community around the globe. These courses have been systematically developed using in house designed templates unifying the courses through a standard appearance. All courses incorporate the principles of instructional design namely chunking of course material into meaningful segments that are inter linked. This structure facilitates faculty members to pan and develop their courses in to modular segments enabling students to focus on specific topics and assisting them in navigation

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