Centre for Distance
Engineering Education Programme

Timetable for Spring (Jan - April) Semester 2017
Venues of the courses  
a) A1A2 (CDEEP Studio 3, Maths, Gr Flr)    
b) Semiar Hall (CDEEP studio 2, KReSIT 3rd flr)    
c) EEG 401 (CDEEP Studio 4, GG Building, 4th flr.)    
d) Video Studio (CDEEP Studio 1, Maths, Gr flr.)    
e)Other venue
(CH230, LA101, LA102, LH101, LC001, IDC Lawn)
Departments Covered  
1. Bioscience & Bioengineering  
2. Civil Engg  
3. Centre Of Studies in Resources Engineering  
4. Computer Science & Engineering  
5.Chemical Engineering  
6. Electrical Engineering  
7. Mathematics  
8. Mechanical Engineering  
9. School of Management  
10. Chemistry  
11. Educational Technology