CDEEP Courses offered in MOOC for Online Exam through NPTEL

S.No. Course Code | Semester Course Name Department Instructor MOOC course Year
1CH442 Spring-2018Molecular SpectroscopyJan 2019
2MA526 Spring-2018Commutative AlgebraJan 2019
3MA106 Autumn-2017Linear AlgebraJan 2019
4PH520 Autumn-2017Group Theory MethodsJuly 2018
5EP228 Spring-2016Quantum Mechanics IJan 2019
6CH801 Autumn-2014Symmetry in ChemistryJuly 2018
7CL242 Spring-2012Fundamentals of heat and mass transferJan 2018
8EE204 Spring-2009Analog CircuitsJuly 2019
9MA105 Autumn-2007Calculus of One and Several VariablesJan 2019