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 Title  Speaker  Date/Time
Alumni Day 2013   December 29, 2013
Interactive Teaching, Flipped Classrooms and Peer Instruction by Prof. Eric Mazur   November 11, 2013
Central Facility Workshop 2013 Part I | Part II   September 4, 2013
Convection in the Sun" by Prof. K.R. Sreenivasan   July 15, 2013
The Role of Climate in Human Migration in the Archaeological Past: Case studies from Paleolithic Egypt" by Dr. Jennifer Smith   June 5, 2013
Semiconductor Nanoelectronics- the Engineering of Physics" by Prof. Sir Michael Pepper, FRS   May 2, 2013
Lifetime Achievement Award Function - 2013   April 19, 2013
Decomposing Smoke into Smokerings   March 11, 2013
The Dynamics of Power (in Wholesale Electricity Markets) by Prof. Sean P. Meyn   March 6, 2013
Future Challenges of Aerospace Research in India: A Perspective by Dr. Vijay K. Saraswat   March 2, 2013
Raspberry Pi - Putting the Fun Back into Computing by Prof. Alan Mycroft   February 27, 2013
War and Peace: Conflict and Cooperation in an Insect Society by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar   February 25, 2013
Trees in Various Sciences by Prof. Xavier G. Viennot   February 19, 2013
Shiva's Blue Throat by Shri Kiran Nagarkar   February 15, 2013
Persistence of Non-volatile Memory: Remembering and Forgetting Things Seen by Prof. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya   January 30, 2013
The Mutual Benefits of Research at the Mathematics-Industry Interface by Prof. John R. Ockendon, FRS   January 10, 2013
Quantum Fields at Particle Colliders by Prof. George Sterman   January 9, 2013
Biosafely of Transgenic Crops to the Nantarget Organisms in the Environment by Dr. Hari C. Sharma   January 7, 2013
First Annual Girish Sant Memorial Lecture on "Rethinking Growth, Redefining Development : Addressing India's and Energy Needs" by Shri Shripad Dharmadhikari   November 7, 2012
Institute Distinguished Lecture(in memory of Professor C.V. Seshadri) on "Microstructured Reactors for Heterogeneous Reactions" by Professor Deepak Kunzru    November 6, 2012
"Semiconductor Technology: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities" by Dr. Gary Patton   November 6, 2012
"The Indus Civilisation: Uncovering the Discovery" by Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri   November 2, 2012
INAE silver jubilee lecture - The Exciting & Rewarding world of Chemical Enginnering   November 1,2012
"The Art of Counting" by Prof. Chandrashekhar B. Khare   October 29, 2012
"The Role of Music in One's Life and its usefulness in Society" by Pt. Nayan Ghosh    October 17, 2012
"Science and Cooking: from physico-bio-chemistry to culinary art" by Dr. Christophe Lavelle   October 15, 2012
"Reviving Agriculture, Reviving India: The Role of Producer Companies and Cooperatives" by Prof. Trilochan Sastry   October 11, 2012
"Changing Trends in Science, Technology and Innovation Sector in India" by Dr. T. Ramasami     October 8, 2012
"Creativity in Art, Technology, and Science" by Dr. Julio M. Ottino   August 27, 2012
"The Discovery of the Higgs Boson and its Impact on Our Understanding of the Natural World" by Prof. Pradeep Sarin   August 23, 2012
"Networked Interactions and Economics Behavior: Lesson from rural Karanataka " by Prof. Matthew Jackson    August 16, 2012
GTWG Brainstorming by Dr. T Ramasami
Part I | Part II | Part III
  July 22, 2012
"The Figure of the Earth: from Newton to Poincaré" by Prof. Étienne Ghys   April 12, 2012
"What engineering can do to improve healthcare? - Current state-of-the-art of computational modelling" by Prof. Perumal Nithiarasu   April 11, 2012
"Engineering Ethics for Ensuring Equity, Excellence and Efficiency through Empathetic Innovations :   Forging industrial, social and ecological connect " by Prof. Anil K. Gupta   March 30, 2012
"Is there a science behind opinion polls?" by Prof. Rajeeva Karandikar   March 19, 2012
"Stem Cells: Where are We Today?" by Dr. Deepa Bhartiya    March 16, 2012
"The Institutions of Democracy" by Professor André Béteille    Feb 9, 2012
"Explaining the Behaviour of Elastic Liquids" by Prof. John Hinch   Feb 7, 2012
"Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiative: Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems" by Prof. Rajesh N. Dave   January 31, 2012
"The First Years of Operating the LHC and Prospects for the Future" by Dr. Stephen Myers   January 30, 2012
"Conservation Laws in Mathematical Biology" by Prof. Avner Friedman   January 20, 2012
"Impact of Emerging Markets on the Future of Innovation" by Dr. Jagdish (Jag) N. Sheth   January 17, 2012
"Three-Dimensional Self-Assembly at Small Size Scales" by Prof. David H. Gracias    January 13, 2012
"Project Prakash: Illuminating Lives; Illuminating Science" by Prof. Pawan Sinha   January 12, 2012
"Sustainable Energy Futures" by Prof. Sanjoy Banerjee Energy December 20, 2011
"And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed the Earth" by Prof.Moshe Y. Vardi Computer Science December 15, 2011
"From Innovation to Commercialization – The Story of Solar Cells" by Dr.Subhendu Guha  Energy December 5, 2011
(CEN)Centre of excellence in Nanoelectronics -- Academia industry meeting Nanoelectronics December 3, 2011
"Advances in brain medicine, crossing historical divides" by Prof. Ed Byrne;
"Nano bioengineering for Healthcare" by Prof. Jayesh R. Bellare ;
"Start-Up Business Models" by Prof. Alan Finkel ;
"Stabilization of microtubule dynamics induces defects in cell polarity and inhibits cancer cell migration: Implications in cancer metastasis" by Prof. Dulal Panda
Bio Sciences November 30, 2011
Cell Phone/ Tower radiation: Hazards and solution organised by Prof. Girish Kumar
Part I/ Part II / Part III/ Part IV/ Part V/ Part VI
General November 20,2011
"India's Maritime Security and the Navy's Transformational Role" by Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan AVSM, VSM Part- I  Part- II   November 2, 2011
"Recent Advances in Inorganic- Organic Framework Materials" by Prof. Anthony K. Cheetham FRS Chemical Science Sept 29, 2011
Diagrammatic Reasoning: Giving Perception Its Due In Thinking By Prof. B. Chandrasekaran General Sept 13, 2011
Teacher's day celebration -Chief Guest Dr. Kirit Parikh General Sept 5, 2011
The Search for New Elementary Particles at the CERN Large Hadron Collider by Dr. Michael E. Peskin  Physical Science August 29, 2011
Mathematics - Art that would rather be Science? by Prof. M.S. Raghunathan    August 26, 2011
Insterdisciplinarity in Environmental Research: How the Social is intertwined with the Technical by Prof. Sharachchandra Lele Environment August 19, 2011
Self Organised Meso- Fabrication and Functionalities in Highly Confined Soft Materials By Prof. Ashutosh Sharma Chemical Engg. August 17, 2011
Institute colloquium by Prof. S.P. Sukhatme Energy August 16, 2011
Prediction to solutions by Prof. Raghuram Murtugudde Environment August 3, 2011
Challenges in Cyberphysical Systems by Prof. P. R. Kumar Electrical Engg. July 27,2011
Vectors, Probability and Algorithm by Dr. Ravi Kannan Computer Science July 26, 2011
Space Travel by Cosmonaut Savinykh Victor Petrovich   General June 10, 2011
Israel- Global center for breakthrough innovation General May 25,2011
Prof. A. K. Lala Memorial Lecture Molecular Mechanisms in Red Cell Invasion by Malaria Parasites - Opportunities for Intervention Bio Science May 25,2011
SERS on Nanostructured Surfaces & Application to DNA Detection and Discrimination   May 20, 2011
Modelling Information Recovery - The near Infrared Technological Revolution   April 06, 2011
Fungi as Models for the Molecular analysis of Cell Differentiation :
The Dimorphic Phenomenon
  March 31, 2011
52nd Foundation Day Celebration Part I/ Part II   March 10, 2011
Institute Colloquim Social Challenges, Personal Responses   March 04, 2011
Science and Engineering education & Research in India   Feb 11, 2011
The Amazing Ribosome, its Tiny Enemies and Hints about its Origin by Prof. Ada E. Yonath, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2009   Feb 3, 2011
S. K. Bose Memorial Lecture on Low Carbon Economy   Jan 28, 2011
A Critique of Standard Cosmology by Prof. Jayant V. Narlikar   January 21, 2011
Inauguration of VMCC by Shri Kapil Sibal   Jan 6,2011
"Challenges before the Indian Economy" by Shri. Montek Singh Ahluwalia   Dec 24,2010
Interactive session between President of Russia and IIT Bombay Students.   Dec 22,2010
Graphene and nanotubes : The rising star of nanotechnology by Prof Ajay Sood   April 9, 2010
51st Foundation Day Part I | Part II   March 10, 2010
An approach to energy sustainability in India by Prof Baldev Raj Part I | Part II    
Institute colloquium - Prof. Rolf Jetsch   November 23, 2009
Institute colloquium - Summation of infinite series Prof Ram murthy   October 21, 2009
Institute colloquium - Prof. Robin Batterham   September 08, 2009
Teachers Day Celebrations Chief Guest P. Balaram Part I | Part II   September 5, 2009
Flight Demonstration of remotely controlled airship   17th April 2009
Godrej Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Kesava K. R.   2009
Alumni Day 2008 Part I | Part II   2008
Teachers Day Awards on Golden Jubilee Celebration (Chief Guest Dr. Abdul Kalam)   September 5, 2007