CDEEP Courses as MOOC for NOC through NPTEL

S.No. Course Code | Semester Course Name Department Instructor MOOC Semesters MOOC Title
1EE725 Spring -2020Computational ElectromagneticsJuly 2020
2SC607 Spring -2020Optimization from fundamentalsJuly 2020
3CE488 Spring-2019Environmental GeotechnicsJuly 2019
4IE604 Spring-2019System Dynamics Modeling and AnalysisJan 2020
5IE613 Spring-2019Online Machine LearningJuly 2020
6PH806 Spring-2019Special Topics in Elementary Particle Physics July 2019
7CE323 Autumn-2019Geotechnical Engineering IJan 2020
8CE641 Autumn-2019Environmental GeomechanicsJan 2020
9CH576 Autumn-2019Statistical MechanicsJuly 2020
10CH808 Autumn -2019Ultrafast processes in chemistryJan 2020
11DE331 Autumn-2019Design, Technology and InnovationJan 2020
12EN606 Autumn-2019Energy Resources Economics and EnvironmentJan 2020
13IE611 Autumn-2019Introduction to Stochastic ModelsJan 2020
14MNG677 Autumn-2019Management of ChangeJuly 2020
15PH549 Autumn-2019Physics of Biological SystemsJan 2020
16PH563 Autumn -2019Group Theory MethodJan 2020
17SI425 Autumn-2019Basic Real AnalysisJan 2020
18CH442 Spring-2018Molecular SpectroscopyJan 2019
19MA526 Spring-2018Commutative AlgebraJan 2019
20MM713 Autumn-2018Aquous Corrosion and its controlJuly 2020
21AE705 Autumn-2017 Introduction to FlightJuly 2019
22DE402 Autumn-2017Introduction to Design - Case studiesJan 2020
23MA106 Autumn-2017Linear AlgebraJan 2019,Jan 2020
24PH520 Autumn-2017Group Theory MethodsJuly 2018
25EP228 Spring-2016Quantum Mechanics IJan 2019,Jan 2020
26CH105 Autumn-2015Inorganic ChemistryJan 2020
27CH801 Autumn-2014Symmetry in ChemistryJuly 2018
28CL242 Spring-2012Fundamentals of heat and mass transferJan 2018,Jan 2020
29EE603 Autumn-2012Digital Signal Processing and its ApplicationsJan 2020
30EE204 Spring-2009Analog CircuitsJan 2020
31MA105 Autumn-2007Calculus of One and Several VariablesJan 2019