Centre For Distance Engineering Education Programme

IIT Bombay

Modes of Participation

3) Offline Classroom: 

In this package, students make use of recorded courses made available through CDEEP's Access Courses facility.This mode is available only for CDEEP’s Remote Centres. It has the following features:

4) Credit :

a) Certification by Remote Center (Other than IITB)
In this mode, individual participants register for courses at a Remote Centre. Participants attend live IIT Bombay classes transmitted to the Remote Centre. Participants will be evaluated by the Remote Centre as per their norms. This evaluation may include quizzes, assignments and exams conducted during the course of the programme by the Remote Centre.

At the end of the semester, successful participants will receive a grade certificate from the Remote Centre.

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b) Certification by IITB
In this mode the participant has to complete all the requirements of the course as specified by the Course Instructor including assignments, quizzes, examinations conducted with help of RC. The participant shall be evaluated by giving grades exactly as given to IITB students. A Certificate shall be issued by CDEEP, IITB to successful participants showing grades secured by the participant. All students enrolled for this course at our Remote Centres will be eligible to participate in the Learning Management System (LMS) for this course.
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c) Certification by IITB for archieved courses
Now, an individual participant can join in any of the previously recorded courses in the "offline classroom mode" and get evaluated by the course faculty. There shall be weekly interaction between the faculty and the participant and progress of the participant shall be monitored. At the end, a grade certificate shall be given by CDEEP based on the evaluation by the course faculty. The fee for such participation can now be paid online.
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