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Courses Participation

CDEEP offers IIT Bombay live and recorded courses to individuals and groups from any institute or organization. CDEEP offers IIT Bombay courses to view it for free or get certified by paying a nominal fee.
To enroll and register for a course/s offered by CDEEP, choose one of following courses participation and follow instructions given there.

1) Live Classroom
This is the basic free service available for all recipients of live courses. It has the following features:

2) Extended Live Classroom
This package extends the Live Classroom and is available only for group consisting of 25 or more participants.
It has the following features:

3) Credit
Certification by CDEEP, IIT Bombay for current semester courses
In this mode the participant has to complete all the requirements of the course as specified by the Course Instructor including assignments, quizzes, examinations. The participant shall be evaluated by giving grades exactly as given to IITB students. A certificated shall be issued by CDEEP, IIT Bombay, if its a undergraduate course, showing grade secured by the participants.
For PG courses, eligibility and certification is arranged by CEP office. Click here for details.
For all courses offered through CDEEP, eligibility criteria is specified by faculty in the beginning of course.

Payment of fees could be made only after confirmation by the coures instructor.

The fee structure per course is given below and and is including GST (18% at present).

A. Fee payable by a Group of Participants

Sl. No. Participation Fee Remarks
1. Extended Live Classroom
One Institute/ Individual representing the group shall coordinate the group activity and be accountable to the Course Instructor about participation of individuals actively during the course.

B. Fee payable by Individual Participant.

Sl. No. Participation Fee Remarks
2. Credit    
  1. Certification by IIT Bombay


Rs. 11,800

The participant shall be in communication with the Course Faculty, TAs and other participants through a LMS for the entire duration of the course