Centre For Distance Engineering Education Programme

IIT Bombay



1. What is CDEEP?
Ans: CDEEP stands for "Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme"


2. What does CDEEP do?
Ans: CDEEP is mainly involved in reaching out to the world by extending the teaching and learning happening on the campus.

3. Who conducts these courses?
Ans: The courses offered through CDEEP are taught by IIT Bombay faculty for IIT Bombay students. These lectures are transmitted live and also recorded for future use.

4. How many lectures are there in a course?
Ans: There is about 40 hours of teaching in a course.

5. What is the eligibility criteria for joining these courses?
Ans: For all postgraduate courses, it is necessary to have graduate level education in the respective discipline. The course code describes discipline and the year in which a course may be taken by students in IIT Bombay. For eg.,In AE664, AE223: Aerospace Engineering etc. 1**, 2**, 3**, 4** represent undergraduate courses taken in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year respectively while 6** and 7** represent postgraduate courses.    

6.How can we access/view these courses? What are the participation modes?
Ans: There are 4 participation modes, through which you can access these courses.

7.What is a Remote Centre?
Ans: A Remote Centre  is an entity which will enter into an MOU with IITB for receiving our courses through various technologies.

8.Is there a Remote Centre where I live?
Ans: List of all Remote Centres along with their contacts are given in the site. To see whether there is a Remote Centre near your residence click here.

9.How do I get IIT Bombay's courses, if my college is not a Remote Centre or there is no Remote Centre near to me?
Ans: You can use “Live Classroom” mode and  can access our live courses through internet.

10. Is interaction with the instructor possible during the lecture?
Ans: Yes, this is possible. For ‘Live Classroom’ and ‘Extended Live Classroom’ mode, you can interact directly. There is a weekly hour long session with the Course Instructor.

11. Can I get evaluated by viewing a previously recorded course?
Ans: It's possible to apply for an offline classroom mode individually. For evaluation, CDEEP shall arrange for weekly interaction between the faculty and the participant. The faculty will evaluate the participant and award grade just as awarded to regular IITB student. A grade certificate shall be given to such succesful participant.

12.Can I ask questions offline?
Ans: This facility is available through Moodle, for those who participate in one of the following value-added modes: Extended Live Classroom, Offline Classroom and Credit.


13.What is Moodle?
Ans: Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at IIT Bombay.

14. Can I participate in discussions with IIT students?
Ans: Yes, this is possible through Moodle. To access this, you should participate in one of the following value-added modes: Extended Live Classroom, Offline Classroom and Credit.

15. Can we have access to exam papers used at IIT Bombay and their solutions?
Ans: Yes, exam papers and their solutions are posted on the Learning Management System (LMS) available to students enrolled in the following value-added modes: Extended Live Classroom, Offline Classroom and Credit. 

16. What benefits will I have if I get access to Moodle, the LMS used at IIT Bombay?
Ans: Faculty members put up instructional material like course notes, assignments, question papers and solutions on Moodle. Students can put up queries for faculty members. These queries may also be answered by other students. Thus, it also acts as a discussion forum for students.

17. Can I get my paper evaluated by IIT Bombay faculty?
Ans:This is possible only for those taking the Credit mode with certification/grading by IIT Bombay.  Successful candidates will get a grade certificate from IIT Bombay.


18. Can I get evaluated for previously recorded courses of CDEEP?
Ans:Yes. Its possible to join for recorded course in distance mode. For that, first do write to cdeep@iitb.ac.in about your course choice and get confirmation from us before proceeding for payment.

19. Can I get an IIT degree?
Ans: No, a degree is not being given for these courses. However, those who register for the courses will get a certificate/ letter of registration. Please see Participation Modes for details.

20. Where can I find the course details?
Ans: Details about the course such as the course content, faculty member(s) and course schedule is available here.

21. How do I enroll/register for a course through Remote Centre?
Ans: You can select the course from list and submit enrollment/registration form to your nearest Remote Centre. You will get a autogenerated email reply giving your enrollment number which is your unique ID

22. Of what use is IIT Bombay's distance education if we cannot get grades/certificates from IIT?
Ans: You will be guaranteed the same quality of education received by IIT Bombay students.

23. There is a clash between a course that I want to attend and another course that I have to take at my college?
Ans: You can enroll through the Extended Live Classroom or the  Offline Classroom as both these have access to recorded lectures.

24. How do we become a Remote Centre?
Ans: Please send a request to CDEEP at cdeep@iitb.ac.in or fill this form and apply.

25. What is the minimum cost to become a Remote Centre and to start receiving IIT's courses?
Ans: An Institution  needs to pay a one-time fee of  Rs 1 lakh to IITB for registering as a Remote Centre. Even Payment can be done online

26. Can your course replace a course of ours?
Ans: With proper care, this is possible. You should take this course in the Extended Live Classroom or the Offline mode. You should also nominate a Course Associate.

27. Can we assign the Course Associateship as an additional responsibility to our instructors?
Ans: No. It should be considered as a full load as the workload is quite high in IIT courses.

28. We have seen advertisements that your transmission is free. But now we see that we have to pay.
Ans: The live classroom mode is available free of cost. There is no compulsion to take the value-added courses.

29. We have a shortage of faculty in a certain area. How can we get the course transmitted from IIT?
Ans: Please inform us by email at cdeep@iitb.ac.in. If possible, we will make the course available in one of the Participation Modes.

30. The course we want is offered at IIT in the other semester. How can we make use of it?
Ans: Please use the offline classroom mode.